Mission Trips

12:2 Ministries has a strong commitment to instilling the value and importance of our call to service as part of the vibrant life of a Catholic. To that end, at least every other summer we take senior high students on a domestic mission trip that forces them out of their comfort zones so that they can forget themselves and live for others for a week.

Applications to be a part of our next mission trip typically become available in October, and preparation is a 9 month process including monthly meetings of the Mission Trekkers (as we lovingly call them) to pray together, learn about those we will be serving, plan elements of the week, and discuss and execute fundraising activities to cover the cost of the trip, as well as other bonding activities.

Recent trips have included urban mission work in Chicago and Philadelphia,  a rural mission at the Zuni Reservation outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and a home demolition/repair mission in New Orleans.

ITS OFFICIAL! I am excited to announce our 2019 Mission Trip to Beaumont, TX to help with Hurricane Harvey recovery work!

DATES: August 4-10, 2019




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