Monday Funday

imageimageimageimageWe have officially completed our first work day up at YMP and it was great!!


Our small-but-mighty group of 15 was joined by the Koppes family and we busted out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in record time!  With 40 extra lunches sent to the Red Cross shelter for families displaced by a recent apartment building fire, our group was really on our sandwich making, zip-lock bag zipping, carrot counting game!


Both the groups went out to apartment complexes today to serve lunches to kids of farm workers, and not only did they serve with smiles, they also played piggy back tag, did sidewalk chalk, soccer, and even a trash clean up at the end of the day that left the grounds cleaner than when we arrived.

Even though it was hot up here, and we were tired we rallied to sort five shopping carts worth of clothing! We rested and got cleaned up. Enjoyed a delicious dinner, went bowling and had some game time back here at the house.

We are looking forward to day two.  Which will bring more time out at the housing developments, more time in the food bank, and more time serving our brothers and sisters in Christ with joy and compassion!


Thanks for for your prayers!

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